Bartels Counseling Services, Inc. approaches treatment of individuals, couples, groups and families in a manner consistent with principles of integrity, cooperation and connectedness. 

Bartels Counseling Services, Inc. is dedicated to assisting individuals in improving the quality of their lives; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We respect each person’s unique progress in approaching challenges and making life changes.

Bartels Counseling Services, Inc. ensures therapists are equipped with quality education, experience and enthusiasm to deliver effective services. Therapists are master’s level, credentialed and experienced in the treatment of mental health concerns, including: anxiety disorders, mood disorders, adjustment disorders, addictions, spiritual development, stress management and relational issues. 

Evidenced-based therapeutic approaches and techniques are utilized to treat individuals, couples, groups and families. Bartels Counseling Services Inc. provides a highly interactive environment allowing individuals to experience genuine interactions with others while utilizing targeted discussions and activities. 

Bartels Counseling Services, Inc. strongly recognizes the importance of family presence and structure. We provide an environment that creates the opportunity for trust and learning in order to aid in creating a family unit that is healthy, strong and well developed.